Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club

Our Meetings

The Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club meets every first and third Monday of the month at 7:15 pm. After the meet and greet we start with our actual program at 7:30 pm.

Because of the pandemic situation there were no in-person meetings temporarily. But now we meet again personally in Heidelberg-Süd, “Treff am Turm”, Franz-Kruckenberg-Straße 54.

Our meetings are conducted according to a fixed structure. It is made up of prepared speeches (usually 5–7 minutes) as well as various off-the-cuff performances. The second part is dedicated to personal feedback.

All roles in the meeting, such as presenting, evaluation and organizational functions are taken up in turns by the members.

We meet in-person at the “Treff am Turm”

Adresse: Heidelberg-Rohrbach, Franz-Kruckenberg-Straße 54

Our Club

The Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club is not a German registered association, but a worldwide nonprofit organization: Toastmasters international. The local clubs, such as the Heidelberg clubs, organize their sessions, contests and other events themselves and oversee only their own members.

Every club member has access to the Toastmasters educational program, both online and in print. In addition to this there are many more resources available on the Toastmasters International website, such as educational videos (largely in English).

Members of a club are also welcome in all other Toastmasters Clubs across the globe. The membership fee for our Heidelberg Toastmasters Club is 132 Euros per year, plus a one-time entrance fee of 20 Euros.

Why become a Toastmasters member?

Presenting Awesome Speeches

We develop our rhetorical skills with continual training using a structured educational program

Dealing with Stage Fright

We train our presence on stage in a safe environment and learn how to master stage fright and awkward speech situations

Gaining Leadership Competence

We all take on responsibility via various functions in our club – and if desired also within the global network

Tapping the Full Potential

We establish a positive environment, give constructive feedback and support each other in attaining our respective goals

Long History

The Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club is one of the oldest clubs in Germany. It was chartered on September 1st 1960.


All Clubs, local and international, can take part in the annual Club Success Program, which is mainly focussing on members’ progress and membership numbers. The Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club reached the highest status President’s Distinguished in 2019 and Select Distinguished in 2020.